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Accessing Health Care through the ACA

Accessing quality care is rapidly becoming an issue for consumers using the Health exchange to choose an insurance company. A recent Washington Post article, Insurers restricting choice of doctors and hospitals to keep costs down, reveals they may not be aware which hospitals and which providers are on their preferred list. The article also states, certain specialty hospitals will not be on plans due to economic reasons.The problem is very complex as insurance companies are ratcheting back choices to control costs. Adding the burden of patients with pre-existent conditions is driving up costs significantly. The insurance companies hope to limit access similar to the failed HMO tradition. This historically led to decreased reimbursements for providers and increased office costs trying to comply. This does not include the general unhappiness of the patient consumer. When a patient comes to your office or urgent care, it is incumbent to know their insurance status. The practice needs to know who is covered, co-pays, deductibles, and whether your provider is on their plan. Xpress Technologies Practice Management Solution checks insurance eligibility in real-time- “Real-time Eligibility” instantly. The practice is able to know when the patient checks-in the financial responsibilities which leads to a good faith arrangement and higher reimbursements.

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