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Decreased Productivity Common Complaint for Electronic Health Records

Healthcare IT News reported recently that Docs blame EHRs for lost productivity. 60% of providers surveyed are unsatisfied with end-user functionality and workflow processes. The major factors were usability, inadequate interfaces, workflow tools, training and support. Providers installed EHR for compliance reasons, meaningful use fund, and improved patient care. Workflow and productivity were significantly affected. The positive side included the ability to find old records, reduction in missing charts, working remotely, and meaningful use payments.

The bottom line is these are universal complaints of all electronic health records. The saving grace may be the meaningful use monies, but there is a huge claw-back coming. Failure to properly comply with the government requirements will lead to massive paybacks.

Xpress Technologies has created an electronic health record solution with easy interfaces, walk-up usability, voice activated technology (Dragon) ready, simple training, and ongoing support address all these recurrent issues. Decreased productivity hand in hand more help- scribes, provider extenders and assistants add to the cost without necessarily increasing patient volume or saving time.

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