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Electronic Health Record Dissatisfaction

The recent article in EHR Intelligence highlights general categories of physician dissatisfaction with their EHR. The main reasons are the programs were designed for billing needs, not clinical needs; lack of data exchange from EHR to EHR; lack of training; poor relationship with vendors and many more.

The products were not designed for end use - The Patient Provider. The lack of end user walk-up usability complicates and adds stress to the providers. The providers' clinical time becomes computer time which leads to the necessity of scribes, and/or mid-levels to shoulder "The Burden".

Xpress Technologies core value is to decrease "The Burden" of endless documentation by making the experience tolerable. XpressCharts EHR with value added products like Dragon Medical limit the training time and create a sound medical document. We also pride ourselves on our on-going working relationship with our clients.

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