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Cloud Computing

When installing a new Electronic Health Record or making a switch, the question always comes up is the program in the cloud or on a local server.

In the 6 Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based EHR System for Physician Practices, the author lists six good reasons to choose cloud computing. Some of these include cost effectiveness, the ability to get up and run quickly, and the ability to expand, update, and collaborate.

The cloud allows instant updates, automatic redundant backup, no additional hardware, and no local IT support. Downsides to be considered include poor Internet functionality and speed, especially in rural locations where full broadband connections may not be readily available. Often, privacy and security are raised as issues when comparing cloud vs server setups. These are valid concerns, but the differential risks between the two choices were more distinct in the past, when servers were considered to be safest.

Today, however, we know, and everyone knows, that outside hacking and other intrusions, are part of our technological world. It matters not whether it is Target Stores, the CIA, or the NSA, when one’s data is electronic, it can, and may be, taken. One can only rely on the security measures that are taken by one’s service provider. We always want to have privacy and security, yet we know it is never 100%. Therefore choosing a cloud-based EHR does not significantly increase the level of privacy threat, as it was once thought to do, and therefore choosing a cloud solution does not, in the opinion of many, add to the privacy risk.

Xpress Technologies supports both local servers and a cloud solution. Our IT specialists will analyze your situation and provide the most cost-effective solutions.

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