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Advanced Emergency Department, Urgent Care, Family Practice, and Medical Clinic Documentation with practice management and billing support. Since 1984, Xpress has focused on ease-of-use by doctors.

In 1984, four emergency department physicians formed Xpress Technologies and pioneered the use of computer-generated health records with Xpress
Charts. These physicians designed Xpress
Charts because they needed a smart, easy-to-use, efficient solution for documentation in their own emergency departments.

Nearly three decades later, the United States began passing various legislative measures mandating the use of an electronic health record (EHR) and specifying its basic elements.

Over the last 30 years, Xpress Technologies has refined and streamlined XpressCharts to be one of the most advanced medical practice EHRs on the market today. XpressCharts, designed for Doctors by Doctors™, is a thorough digital record of every patient encounter, based on the patient's presentation. The record can be completed in a matter of minutes.

XpressCharts seamlessly integrates with hospital enterprise systems as well as with Xpress Practice Management software. It is ideal for General Practices and Urgent Care facilities. XpressPM gives your practice the tools needed by your billing company and allows your practice to speed up reimbursement, improve cash flow, and ensure efficiency. Our robust solutions not only provide instant real-time insurance eligibility to collect co-pays and deductibles in real-time, but also facilitate multi-facility capabilities, registration, and appointment scheduling in one easy to use platform. 

A Word from Our Founder -

Dr. Donald Kamens, MD FACEP


I was the principal developer of XpressCharts from 1984 through 2000.  XpressCharts, since its inception has been a computer-based platform which provided the essentials of physician documentation and oversight for the ED:  safe, complete, and appropriately reimbursed charting; electronic prescriptions; electronically produced discharge instructions; and management reports.


The system was originally developed to improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of emergency physicians.  After several years, it was also noted that reimbursement increased, while there was a dramatic decrease in liability. In fact, my emergency department experienced zero malpractice suits for 18 years."



This intuitive solution offers a full suite of included services based on your facility’s needs:

  • Real-time Insurance Eligibility

  • Electronic Claims Preparation and Submittal to Payers

  • Xpress SureScan

  • Robust Clearinghouse Rules Engine

  • Manage Insurance & Self Pay Charge Profiles

  • Manage Patient Summaries, Payments & Statements

  • Electronic Health Record

  • Certified ePrescribing

  • Certified Patient Education

  • Cloud or Local Installation

  • True Paperless Solution



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Toll free: 877-291-5024


Sales: ext. 407

IT:       ext. 402 

Xpress Technologies

6622 Southpoint Drive South

Suite 370

Jacksonville, FL 32216

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