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The Xpress Advantage

Xpress Technologies distinguishes itself

from competitors in significant ways.

Our Foundation: for doctors by doctors   

Xpress software has not been designed in the isolation of a computer lab.  Designed by doctors from inception 30 years ago, it continues to advance under doctors' considered deliberation.  

 Some companies have been started by physicians; very few maintain that physician practice input relationship. Xpress has succeeded in doing that.

 - Dr. Donald Kamens, Founder

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Our intuitive user interface is so simple to learn that if you can use an ATM machine, you can use Xpress Technologies software. Our simple yet intuitive design allows the provider to spend more time with the patient and less time staring at a computer screen!

I was speaking to a client the other day and showed her how to actually bill a chart. I was training her and she's like, "that's it?"Yeah, that's it. It's that simple."

- Lisa Ward

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Chief Complaint Driven

There's no need to click through numerous screens to complete a simple chart. Our software guides the user so that when a chief complaint is selected, the pertinent risk factor display screens appear to streamline and speed up the documenting process.

If somebody comes in with a routine complaint, by asking a couple specific questions, you can make sure that they don't have a life threatening or potentially serious condition even though the complaint does not sound as serious as it turns out to be. Xpress Technologies software enables you to do that quickly and efficiently. 

   - Dr. Ralph Badanowski

What Xpress does differently, is that we facilitate the real-time eligibility check directly in Xpress' system. After inputting patient insurance information and the click of a button, you will see a real-time eligibility report from their insurance company explaining the patient's benefits.

Because very typically that patient will owe you a predictable amount of money before they walk out of the door and why wait 3 months to collect it if that information is available to you now!

- Chris Garson

Real Time Eligibility

Voice Recognition Technology Integrated

Xpress Techologies uses Dragon Medical Practice Edition voice recognition technology that merges seamlessly with XpressCharts allowing you to speak naturally into a microphone and automatically narrate a true history of the patient.

I use Dragon to dictate history so I know why they were there and what's going on and I use Dragon at the end to dictate what a plan of care is. 

-Dr. Paul Lucey

We understand that your medical practice is number one to you and we make your practice number one to us as well.

We care about our customers. But to know about them, what their departments are like, what their facilities are like, and what issues they have. So that's always been important to us and it's part of our total family picture.

- Dr. Donald Kamens, Founder

Philosophy of Caring

ROI:  Xpress Technologies Complete Solution

Xpress Technologies Complete Solution integrates all of your documentation needs. Using our Practice Management(PM), you no longer need to outsource your billing. Accomplished in-house, electronic claims are sent to payers at SIGNIFICANT cost savings to your practice. There are many EHR and PM products on the market today and your decisions may be clouded by offers of "free" software. Don't fall for this old bait and switch tactic.

Customizable and Scalable

Software suite is designed with your medical practice in mind....Period.


Xpress Technologies 

seamlessly integrates with your iPad, tablet and mobile devices. 

Cost Effective

Xpress Technologies offers 

a cost effective solution for your documentation and revenue management needs.

Longevity and Stability

Xpress Technologies has been documenting for over 30 years. In fact, our founder Dr. Donald Kamens was the innovator for electronic charting, ePrescribing, and Patient Education! 


We'd love to hear from you


Toll free: 877-291-5024


Sales: ext. 407

IT:       ext. 402 

Xpress Technologies

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