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Switching Electronic Health Records

Changing from a specific EHR (Electronic Health Record) to another is a complex process. This takes a highly motivated staff, the ability to overcome the inertia to stay put, and significant improvements in options and support.

Healthcare IT News reported that 17% of 17,000 active EHR adopters of medical practice could be switching out their first choice EHR by the end of the year. Their main areas of concern were lack of integration capabilities, interoperability, poor interfaces, inability to interact with mobile devices, and support.

It is not surprising that certain providers are willing to “Ditch and Switch” EHR’s that are much more complex, lack support, lack training, and mostly “destroy workflow’. Most EHR’s are not aimed at the end-user, and do not have the nimbleness to respond to customer’s needs for customization.

Xpress Technologies has been developed with the ability to provide user-friendly interfaces, enhance rather hinder workflow, easy to customize, and can function with mobile devices. Xpress Technologies has a Migration Program to help transition from one EHR to the next in an organized manner. Our support team realizes that migration is an integral part of the entire sales process.

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