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Productivity and Physician Shortages

Colorado Doctors Say EHR Adoption Affecting Physician Shortage article, the state of Colorado reported a physician shortage while attributing a large part of the blame to the implementation of Electronic Health Records and its’ consequences.

As the Baby Boomer population ages, a large percentage of active physicians on the cusp of retirement are opting out of medicine in a full-time capacity. The stock market has recovered and many people with adequate retirement planning are unwilling to take on the Electronic Health Record and Meaningful Use. It may not be worth the hassle to work harder, become less productive, and worry about government payments with all the strings attached.

For the brave souls willing to continue or have no economic choice, Xpress Technologies Electronic Health Record was designed with the end-user in mind. The program has walk-up usability, excellent support, and will not destroy your productivity. There is the hope that your experience is a positive one.

Xpress Technologies provides a user-friendly Electronic Health Record helping any type of practice increase efficiency, control costs, and deal with present day challenges. As evidenced by the influx of patients into the ED, UCs and private physicians can only expect to manage greater patient demand with efficiency. As consumers start bearing more of the cost of care, they will demand more value, more service, and more efficiency.

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