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Does Voice Activated Software Really Work?

Does Voice Activated Software Really Work? The question always comes up whether the Voice Activated Technology (VAT) really works. In the review of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium, PC magazine gives a very positive yes.

When thinking about using the medical version of Dragon, the price comes up. Compared to other versions of Dragon it is significantly more expensive. The potential user may have tried earlier versions of VAT and were not impressed. Compared to outsource dictation costs, it is a one-time fee that will enhance your efficiency and increase your ROI (return on investment).

All such tech enhancements are double-edged swords. On the one hand there is the advantage of being able to complete a chart in less time, with less need for keyboard input. On the other hand is the introduction of error: the wrong word the wrong meaning, the wrong voice recognized interpretation. And yet in today’s world most are used to these things, from SIRI on iPhones to VR on Androids. One must, as always take responsibility for being sure that the submitted text is accurate, so reading over and checking, whether input by voice recognition, or written by hand, is always necessary.

The present day version is quite efficient and very accurate for medical issues. If your Electronic Health Record is hard wired to receive VAT, it is extremely simple. If the EH R is not ready you can create an easy work-a-round. Training is minimal. It deals with multiple accents and is constantly being trained to your voice, tone, and style.

There are two fundamental types of users- the low tech and high tech video games people. Dragon is simple enough for the minimalist and sophisticated enough for the video types.

Xpress Technologies is an advantage partner providing training and guidance. Xpress Technologies Electronic Health Record was designed to make VAT a value added proposition. We will help you integrate VAT into your practice and eliminate costly outsourced dictation, eliminate the “cookie cutter” aspect of most EHR charts, and allow you to potentially go home on time.

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