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Medical billing is a huge factor in the day-day running of a medical practice. The issues are endless but can be controlled. In the article Achieving return on investment after EHR replacement, the author examines the “best kept secret in improved medical billing”. The answer is simple. The practice must carefully evaluate the front desk personnel who in reality is not only the “face of the practice” but the key to successful billing.

The tasks of the front desk team are:

1. Getting the accurate demographic data

2. Getting the right insurance information

3. If they are part of the billing team, being adequately trained in the nuances of claims.

Providing the billing team with the proper technical resources, training, and supervision is of upmost importance. Picking the best practice management software that does the billing internally or easily outsource is Step 1.

Step 2 analyzing the entire process so claims are accurate and all monies owed (co-pays and deductible) are collected at the front door.

Step 3 is carefully reviewing the performance of the front desk people to avoid unfortunate problems with collections of cash with improper documentation.

Xpress Technologies’ Electronic Health Record software coupled with the Practice Management software allows the practice to safely bill in-house, use Xpress Technologies’ billing, a private billing company, or any combination of the above. Xpress technologies will work with to create the most efficient and profitable workflow. With instant verification and scanned check-in of driver licenses, insurance cards, and credit cards mistakes are minimized right from the start. Receptionist time is not wasting inputting numbers or running to the copy machine.

The system tracks all cash transactions, notifies the staff of deductibles, co-pays, and past due account right on the spot. It also allows the practice to bill the patients’ credit card with a potential minimal fee to cover walk-in costs.

The Xpress Technologies Practice Management and Billing software was designed to fix the “front-end” of the billing process in real-time. Xpress Technologies will work the client to achieve billing solutions that work for them.

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