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Understanding the Complexity of Medical Billing

Health Care:Resolving Billing Problems and Claim Denials explains the complexity of the medical billing system for average consumers and providers. Every health plan has different co-pays, deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and exclusions. With so many different plans, it’s hard to know your out of pocket costs as well as what the plan covers.

Both the provider and patient are often equally “in the dark” about what is covered and/or why the claim has been denied. Is it a paper work denial (wrong codes, npi number, etc.), incomplete bill, or has the insurance company decided not to pay for that submittal in general? It takes a very sophisticated office manager to stay abreast of the constant changes especially with the Affordable Care Act and its impact on multiple policies.

XpressTechnologies has developed a very sophisticated billing solution that is personalized for your practice. Xpress can deliver several options. You can:

1. Perform your own billing- We give you all the tools within the practice management to check insurance eligibility on all the major payers as well as prepare and submit electronic claims.

2. Let the Xpress Revenue Cycle team take care of your billing while you grow your clinic.

3. Or choose a combination of both.

The Xpress team can evaluate your practice and your receivables to develop a plan that will work for you. Our goals are aligned with yours:

1. Improve cash flow.

2. Capture and submit all charges.

3. Improve efficiency.

4. Qualify for Medicaid and Medicare Stimulus funding.

Our Complete Practice and Documentation software is a turn-key solution that was designed to be user-friendly, efficient, cost-effective, and designed especially “for Doctors, by Doctors”’.

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