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Cash Flow

In the article Inadequate EHR training leads to rejected Medicare claims, the author reported that the health system lost their Medicare income due to errors in billing. This was traced back to lack of training of staff in the Electronic Health Record. A minor glitch like 5 digit zip codes where a 9 digit code was required caused automatic rejection of the claims with the subsequent loss in cash flow for 2 months.

Imagine if this was a small practice with a large Medicare population. The cash flow issues could be catastrophic in terms of payroll and contractual obligations. It also took a while to recognize the problem to correct it.

These problems are not isolated to 1 hospital or practice settings. There is no telling how common this is.

XpressTechnologies Practice Management and Billing solutions allows the practice to perform their own billing or use our professional billing services to avoid these glitches. Our expert training of the staff is designed to eliminate these types of “faulty claims”. Using the eligibility insurance checks, you know the subscriber identification is correct along with any co-pays due while the patient is still in the office. XpressTechnologies Billing does an evaluation of your accounts receivable and to help you decide what billing solution is most cost effective and profitable for your practice.

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