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Walk-Up Usable/Intuitive Interfaces

The article EHR Vendors: Step Up Your Game is a worthwhile read for all individuals in healthcare dealing the Electronic Health Record. It is a call for an open platform that allows individuals to add their specific needs to a rock solid base to make the EHR experience positive instead of negative/neutral.

The point is made that most computer generation people never need training and can figure everything out by just playing with the system. Certain EHR’s need endless training if not used in the last couple of weeks.

The need for intuitive software that allows the practitioner to enhance the clinical experience is a laudable goal. The bottom line is that the platform must be designed for the end-user and not for static data collection.

Xpress Technologies EHR, Practice Management and Billing solutions were designed for walk-up usability using common sense interfaces and to create a positive experience. We at Xpress understand the need for end-user satisfaction as the most important goal. Understanding that every “click” costs money, efficiency and dissatisfaction, we guarantee our solutions will not negatively affect your bottom line!

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