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Revenue Cycle Management

In the article 63% of practice management software purchases are replacements, the author states that “providers are currently ripping out ad replacing practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) software”. The article has an excellent chart with % breakdowns.

The main motivations for this were:

  • Preparation for ICD- 10

  • Outdated, unsupported systems

  • Cloud/web based rather than local servers

  • Direct Electronic Health Record/Practice Management integration

  • Controlling costs

  • Functionality, interfaces are outdated and inefficient

Consumers have realized that expensive products that lack integration, promotes inefficiency, more FTE’s to operate, high ongoing costs, and poor support can be replaced with new modern software.

Xpress Technologies Practice Management and Xpress Billing were created to answer all the concerns that the article emphasized. Our robust PM and EHR is hosted, so there are low up-front and ongoing cost along with remote access offers practices an affordable solution. Don’t want the billing headache? Xpress Billing solution allows practices to use our “state of the art” billing company. Xpress Technologies will help you evaluate the best solution that works the best for your practice.

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