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The Myth of EHR Up-coding, the Reality of EHR-Enhanced Appropriate Coding

In the article No upcoding caused by EHRs – yet, study finds and commentary, the authors assert that there is no systematic up-coding by the use of the Electronic Health Record, while the commentary interprets the data the opposite way.

There is a general feeling that the Electronic Health Record with the ability to click, cut and paste, and create Macros (preassembled scripts to meet various documentation requirements), allow the billing companies to up-code the claim.

There is an alternative interpretation. In the past most claims were under-coded due to poor documentation. The EHR allows one to document appropriately and get paid according to the standard conventions. If the documentation is fraudulent, that is a separate issue. An even more separate issue is the true and fitting cost of medical care, which the world wants neither to go up, nor to pay appropriately for receiving. When I complained to a plumber recently about the bill, saying, look I am a doctor, and I don’t make that much, he said: neither did I when I was a doctor.

Xpress Technologies Billing is a full service integrated solution with Xpress Technologies’ Electronic Health Record, and Xpress Practice Management. Xpress Technologies provides the tools to do your own billing, have it performed, or any combination of the above. XpressTechnologies provides a single integrated source to solve one’s billing needs. As referenced above, the billing issues can be complex.

Xpress Technologies provides “1-stop” shopping with no need to interact with multiple vendors. This saves time, decreases complexity, and streamlines the billing process. Allow Xpress Technologies to be your turn-key solution.

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