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7 Advantages of Web-Based EHR / EMR Systems

While the transition to EHR & EMR based systems has increased, so has the need for flexibility and efficiency among practitioners, doctors’ offices and medical facilities.

Following are the advantages associated with using web-based EMR/EHR systems :

  • Significantly Reduced IT and Implementation Costs

  • Fault-tolerant Hardware

  • Highest Level of Security

  • Physicians Get Remote Access to Data Updated

  • Patients Get Access to Their EMRs

  • Simplified Communication

  • EMR System will be more scalable

  • Real-time, and immediate updates

  • Decrease tim-cycle for build-->test-->implement

To be thorough, let's review a fiew cons:

  • Higher privacy risks and concerns

  • Greater vulnerability to hackers

  • Dependency on grid stability (internet outages)

  • Dependency on bandwidth providers

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