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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are defined goals that are measured to show the progress of an organization meeting these goals. Small and mid-size practices use the data to measure performance to ensure they are operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency. Analytics like KPIs enable you to make quick, smart decisions, prioritize resources, assess your financial health, and plan better for the future.

Xpress Techonogies Practice Management (XpressPM) solution has key indicator reports built-in so you can manage your practice efficiently. Our Dashboard is a snapshot view of your practice's overall performance including Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Collection Ratio, Days Revenue Outstanding (DRO), and Account Receivable (AR) Aging. This data gives a practice the ability to staff to volume, determine performance and make smarter decisions.

XpressPM's reporting solution has been designed to maximize revenue while providing quality and efficient care!

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