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Trends on Physician EHR Adoption

In the recent ONC Report: 26 Trends On Physician EHR Adoption, it is reported that 6 in 10 physicians would not adopt an EHR cite that lack of resources as the main reason. The resources they are referring to are related to staff, time and finances.

For 30 years, Xpress Technologies has continuously advanced, assisting client with the ever-changing demands of practice management and economic stability. Our Complete Solution is easy to implement, easy to learn and adds great value to any practice.

Our intuitive solution offers a full suite of included services based on your facility’s needs:

  • Xpress Practice Management: Real-time Eligibility & Full Revenue Management

  • XpressCharts: Certified Electronic Health Record

  • Xpress Billing: The Single Source Solution

  • Xpress SureScan: A True Paperless Solution

  • Xpress Dictation: Dragon Medical Advantage Partner

  • Xpress Wellness: Health Risk Assessment Solution

We understand that your medical practice is number one to you and we make your practice number one to us as well. Xpress Technologies offers a cost effective, customizable, scalable, easy to use solution for your documentation and revenue management needs!

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