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Using the Electronic Medical Record as a Teaching Tool

Tech-savvy first-year medical students are staying one step ahead with an EMR system. The electronic medical record is charting a new course by including as part of the medical curriculum. The potential added-value is relevant to medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians.

The electronic medical record can guide one through the assessment of the patient by creating a back-round of appropriate questions to focus in on the problem. The record can theoretically provide the necessary historical information to aid in the diagnostic and treatment process.

An EHR can list red flags, risk factors, and warnings about potential high risk diagnoses related to any chief complaints. The EHR can provide clinical assistance through warnings of drug allergies, drug interactions, and potential treatment plans. It can also provide medical liability protection.

The EHR can link in real-time with outside data sources to provide real-time comprehensive information. Artificial intelligence that provides clinical guidance and support is in its infancy, but will someday be available.

How can you take advantage of these features?

  • Find an EHR designed with the end-user in mind.

  • Determine whether the documents are outlines or sophisticated content designed to assist the provider.

A sophisticated clinically useful EHR can aid providers at all levels, training or experience. Teaching and learning is a life-long process.

Xpress Technologies has developed an EHR that can easily be used by all practitioners regarding their level of experience. Our EHR provides built-in risk management (red flags and risk factors). The walk-up usability, coherent output and vibrant user interface make documentation more tolerable. The capability to easily use voice activated technology as such Dragon medical makes the EHR extremely efficient.

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