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Can EHR Software Help Get You Paid?

The author of can EHR software help get you paid examines the benefits of the electronic health record to improve billing and collections. Many practice lose money through inadequate documentation, poor processing at the front desk, inadequate evaluation of the data, and not knowing why you are not getting paid.

Xpress Technologies Practice Management and billing solutions coupled with the electronic health record were developed to aid the practice to get paid without adding additional FTEs and losing sleep. It starts with the front desk. Using the identification scanner solution to collect the demographic and insurance information ensures that claims are transmitted correctly. The addition of real-time insurance eligibility checks assists with the collections of co-pays at the time of service without logging into another system. Credit card, checks and cash are collected and recorded to help avoid any unfortunate fraud.

Our EHR creates suggested EM levels as well as captures all ICD 9 or 10 and CPT codes. If using the entire solution, these codes are transmitted to the claim for preparation by your billing staff or company. The practice, billing manager can view daily reject, pending and claims ready for review along with 30, 60, 90, 120 day patient billing status.

We have made it easy for the practice to choose the entire product line or plug and play modular solutions that are HL7 compliant.

We offer our billing specialist to evaluate the practices billing health to determine whether self-billing or a billing company better fits your needs.

Xpress Technologies will work side-by-side with your team to "Bring Home the Bacon"!

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