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Who You Gonna Call???

In the article CA hospital experiences EHR failure, the emergency department closed down after its Electronic Health Record system failed aka went down. The providers were unable to access old records, verify physician orders, access la and radiology reports, and properly dispense medications.

This hospital either didn't have a back-up plan that was well known to the staff and/or the personnel were unable to create a stop gap solution.

The real solution is to have a sophisticated back-up plan that is easily followed and everyone is aware of. In the old days, paper was used quite successfully to complete all transactions.

It should be expected that an EHR system will have periods of down-time due to maintenance or the dreaded crash!

XpressCharts Classic paper solution includes physician and nurse templates as well as a prescription writer and discharge instructions that many emergency departments use as their primary or back-up solution. Our solution is an inexpensive solution to any emergency departments’ disaster recovery plan.

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