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We're on the "Eve of Destruction"

In the song We're on the Eve of Destruction, singer Barry McGuire laments the end of western civilization due to endless worldwide strife in the 1960-1970's. In the article, The Awful (and not so creative) Destruction of Medicine, a similar argument is made for the end of private practice medicine in the United States.

The author of the article states that only 30% of physicians remain in private practice and that the "Marcus Welby Era" is long deceased. The endless new government mandates are eliminating the private practitioner.

The physician is now part of interchangeable puzzle where everyone especially the payers have a say in the patient care and reimbursement. The physician is no longer the centerpiece of healthcare. The article makes a strong case that the modern day era of medicine from 1960-present is essentially over and rapidly changing.

What's a classically trained physician to do???

The best solution is to view the rapid change and chaos as an opportunity rather than a huge negative. Realize that before Medicare started paying physicians in the 1960s that medical care was totally different. Periods end and new approaches need to be analyzed and taken advantage of.

Potential Solutions:

  • Take some business classes or get an MBA

  • Attend some coding and reimbursement classes

  • Analyze and embrace your technology

  • The age of automatic physician entitlement is over. This doesn't mean it still cannot be fulfilling and financially sustainable.

  • Your Medical degree is a ticket to multiple opportunities

  • Attend a meaningful use lecture or two

  • Understand that the accountable care organization (ACO) is code for 21- 1st century HMO.

  • Rethink your hiring practices. Get professional consultations to get improved financial situations. Hire consultants not employees.

  • Pick software that pays for itself downstream.

  • Learn the new rules and adapt

  • Realize to succeed you will need the proper software, highly trained medical assistants, and possibly voice activated technology such as Dragon to make one complete medical technology unit.

The future is still bright for the agile and well informed. Make your theme song, The Future's so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.

Xpress Technologies Practice Management, EHR and Billing Services are designed to solve some of these existential issues. The software allows you to generate enough income without the constant stress, so you are successful in the modern age.

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