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Value of Backing Up Your Electronic Health Record With a Fail-Safe Plan

The Gazette reported, the University of Iowa’s Electronic Health Records went down to a server problem that lasted six hours. The problem was resolved quickly. Keep in mind that for a busy ER, six hours is NOT quick!

The main problem is what to do during those hours of downtime. A back-up system that is not on the same server can protect the data and mostly protect the patients from inadvertent errors. These errors can lead to poor outcomes, loss of crucial information, and potential liability.

Installing a stand-alone back-up system that is easily used and can be later scanned into the Enterprise system will save time, money, greying hair and endless stress. The occasional power failure will be survived with minimal cost and avoid the “group insanity” that’s accompanies these events.

Hospital systems should write a guaranteed functionality clause into contracts for EHR implementation. It is the enterprise vendor that should assure their system continues despite potential catastrophes. After all, it is during catastrophes, environmental stresses, and local disasters, that the continued operation of the ED is most needed. Thinking about the inevitability of such events in advance is essential, and should always be a part of the EHR package.

Xpress Technologies has as excellent stand-alone back-up system easily installed, updated, and ready when you need it.

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